EKA Press is fully instrumented tablet press machine for Laboratory scale tablet production. Machine sturdy design and latest instrumentation technology to provide complete pack for laboratory research and analysis during tablet formation process and afterword statistical studies.

The Eka Presss has many options available tailored to suit your requirements including full instrumentation, R&D software, data acquisition, pre-compression, automatic weight control and 21CFR part 11 compliance. It is available in various configurations to allow flexible operation.


  • All motorized Control for Main/Pres Thickness & Dozing
  • Powered with VBT Control Technology
  • Main Compression Force Measurement
  • Compression Force Control (CFC)
  • Recipe Driven Process
  • Data Management Application Software Designed as per 21 CFR Part 11
  • Sampling & Rejection Control Function
  • Can be used either with force or a gravity feeder
  • Powder level detection
  • Reverse direction motion protection
  • Machine light
  • Isolated instrumentation with electrical interlock
  • Acrylic material guard with operational interlock
  • Inserted punch selection function for R&D
  • Multiple report generation(Batch/Alarm/Audit)

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