Successfully implemented automation solution to convert existing Ghee kettles into computerized fully automatic ghee kettles. The system is completely on latest wi-fi based communication. User can set required time Vs. Temperature recipe to individual kettle. Also can define starrer on/off timing accordingly. As per define recipe, steam control valve is operating in terms of opening %. System logs value of SV, PV, and steam valve opening % for every batch. SCADA software also provides offline report for batch’s graph and data. Additionally, system is equipped with user module to create user and give different access level for different type of users. Online screen shows live data of PV, SV, valve opening % as well as different errors in graph mode moreover it shows screen of PID profile controllers. Last but not least is alarm module that logs several alarms in to database with timestamp. In last concerning to security, our system is loaded with power failure shutdown and auto boot facility.

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