Our Vision

“To Develop and Share Automation skills and knowledge to the upcoming youth using the latest technology such FPGA module, Fuzzy Logic , Artifical Intelligence and many more.”

Our Mission

“We shall provide automation training to increase productivity and quality by using leading edge technology & best suited platform to their needs, unrelenting in our drive to offer the best solutions to remain students’s technology partner of the first choice.”

About VBtech Automation Training

VBTECH AUTOMATION introduces you to practical methods of automatic control of machines, processes and systems. All major parts of a modern industrial control system will be described and their principles explained. These include the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), as the system ‘brain’, various field devices, which allow the system to ‘sense’ and ‘affect’ the controlled environment, and communication between the system components. The principles of developing PLC programs and practical examples of control systems will be also presented. The course provides individual hands-on experience in PLC programming.

Our focus on data acquisition and control systems is to build & supply state-of-the-art integrated solutions using off-the-shelf available hardware and National Instruments’ graphical programming language LabVIEW, which provides a flexible approach to developing total, modular and cost-effective solutions. Thus we act as a bridge between technology and system solutions.

Our company is headed under the profound guidance of our mentors Mr. Himanshu Bhavsar, who possess a rich experience in areas of IT enabled Industrial Automation &Process control, High speed Data acquisition & analysis, embedded hardware solutions and high level hardware & software solutions & projects.

VBTECH has strategic tie-up with National Instruments – a USA based company providing virtual Automation hardware & software products & Solutions.

We are backed by state-of-the-art technologies and have some of the foremost worldwide technical experts with us. They assist us in providing effective control and solution for Automation in all industries.

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